California SAF Winter Meeting

Feb 21st - All Day
Feb 22nd - All Day
Lake Natoma Inn - 702 Gold Lake Drive, Folsom, CA 95360

100years.pngPace and Scale: How Do We Meet the Challenge(s)?

During our 2019 Winter Meeting, we explored the theme: The State of California is Burning: Is This Our Future?  At our meeting, many good ideas were shared, with the need to adjust the 'pace and scale' of projects on the landscape being a reoccurring theme.

One year later, how are we doing?  What have we learned?  Are we meeting our objectives?  What new challenges are in front of us?  With climate change, are large, damaging fires the new normal for the wine country?  What about those Public Safety Power Shutoffs?  Can they be expected each Fall until the Winter rains arrive?

Come join us at the 2020 California SAF Winter Meeting in Folsom, California to explore these and other questions.  Save the dates February 21-22, 2020, as more information on our program and registration will be out soon.

A detailed agenda and registration information will be out in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, and get this exciting opportunity on your calendars.

Hotel Information
Lake Natoma Inn, 702 Gold  Lake Drive, Folsom, CA 95360