California Tree Farm Committee Presents Tree Farmer of the Year

Aug 11th 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

California Tree Farm Committee Presents Tree Farmer of the Year
August 11, 2018
Ed Tunheim | Plantation Forest
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About Plantation Forest and Ed Tunheim

It all began in 1952 when Abe and Eve Crittenden bought a logged-over, heavily grazed tract of land that had been a Wells Fargo stagecoach stop in the 1880s. The forest cover consisted of mixed redwood and Douglas-fir, most of it having been selectively cut leaving a good residual stand. In 1953 Plantation Forest became part of the American Tree Farm System.

The property was the location for their summer camp for children to learn outdoor skills: riding horses, swimming, canoeing, build fires and other outdoor skills they would need to understand and thrive as adults. The forest is still used today as the site for 200 plus campers each summer.

In 1962 Ed Tunheim and Jim Greig began managing the property and in 1985 bought Plantation Forest and have been managing it as their own vision of forestry ever since. The Brown Family took the reins of the summer camp and portioned off the 30 acres where the majority of the camp activities occur. In 1999 Plantation Forest was put into a Non-Industrial Timber Management Plan.

The stand history is similar for all the property on the ownership. As with most properties in the area it was clear cut in the early 1900s. About 1950 the property was logged again and the trees selected to be cut were the most economically valuable. Since 1964 the second growth forest has been managed on a selective silviculture system with forest improvement the primary objective. In the last 50 years the forest inventory has more than doubled while maintaining a sustainable harvest annually. Thirty-six thousand seedlings have been planted and over 400 acres of the property have had Timber Stand Improvement projects done on them. All this has been accomplished while taking into consideration the special needs of the recreational use of the property and being adjacent to Salt Point State Park and Kruse Rhododendron State Reserve. The property is in the Coast Forest District and also within the Coastal Zone as designated by the California Coastal Commission.

Plantation Forest has also been designated a "Model Forest" by the Forest Stewards Guild. Each forest demonstrates excellence in forestry in their region. Currently, there are 25 Guild model forests across the country. There are nine in the Pacific West Region, five in California. The Guilds Pacific West program goal in California is to reform forest policy across the private and public forest landscape. Ed was awarded Outstanding Field Forester of the Year by the Society of American Foresters in 2004. Both Ed (in 2012) and Jim (in 2014) have been awarded the California Forester of the Year by the California Licensed Foresters Association.

California's 2018 Tree Farmer of the Year, Ed Tunheim - Plantation Forest has been part of the American tree Farm System for 65 years. This Certified Family Forest has been demonstrating that a program of intensive forest management can be carried on with a major recreation and camping program on the same land as well as two primary residences. Plantation Forest is proof positive that forestry is a tool with which to enhance these other values. They mixed fun and forestry. You'll find no better example.

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