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May 2020

Legislative and Regulatory Update

Summary of legislation introduced in 2019 (a 2 year bill) and 2020 that FLC is monitoring.

By Brian White, KP Public Affairs, and Larry Camp, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

Note that Brian White assembled this summary in late February and early March 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the legislative process and the financial picture for the state.  The legislature was recessed until early May while the budget is due by June 15. It remains unclear how the Committees will hold hearings with the Capitol closed. Based on input from legislative staff, the Governor’s office daily briefings on the pandemic, and what Brian has been able to provide, it seems likely that much of the proposed legislation will not be considered during the legislative session that ends in mid-September of this year. We will attempt to keep the FLC membership informed as things change. We may have to ask for letters of support or opposition on short notice – please bear with us as we monitor legislation that may affect your forest and forestlands. If you want more information or updates regarding a particular bill please use the following link, http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/ or contact Deidre Bryant at the FLC office.


Bill No. Author Summary Support Oppose Watch
Calif. State Assembly Bills
AB 1567 C. Aguiar-Curry Scoping Plan for Organic Waste     X
AB 2106 C. Aguiar-Curry Hunting License For Upland birds     X
AB 2076 F. Bigelow Wildfire Mgt. Plan State Parks     X
ACR 102 F. Bigelow Mass Timber Products X    
AB 2693 R. Bloom Watershed Restoration     X
AB 2887 R. Bonta Buy Clean Calif. products     X
AB 740 A. Burke Prop. Insurance Fire Hazard Zones     X
AB 2214 W. Carrillo Admin. Procedures Act X    
AB 2901 E. Chau CEQA changes     X
AB 85 Budget Comm. Likely to be the main Budget bill     X
AB 1863 Budget Comm.       X
AB 2572 M. Dahle Exempts RFPs LTOs from AB 5 X    
AB 2574 M. Dahle Nat. Community Cons. Plans     X
AB 2831 H. Flora Greenhouse gas reduction     X
AB 3047 H. Flora Water Quality     X
AB 2371 L. Friedman Climate change adaption      
AB 3074 L. Friedman Defensible Space     X
AB 3164 L. Friedman Defensible Space WUI model     X
AB 1942 J. Gallagher Reduction GHG & forest mgt.     X
AB 2444 J. Gallagher CEQA guidelines     X
AB 464 C. Garcia Global Warming/wildfire     X
AB 2566 C. Garcia Consumption based GHG database     X
AB 352 E. Garcia Bond act for wildfire drought & floods 2019     X
AB 3256 E. Garcia Bond act for wildfire drought & floods 2020     X
AB 1850 L. Gonzalez Follow-on bill AB 5 from 2019     X
AB 2002 A. Kalra Purchase of nontropical products     X
AB 2653 A. Kalra Climate & Agriculture     X
AB 2965 A. Kalra State policy Wildlife Resources     X
AB 3030 A. Kalra Resource conservation goal     X
AB 2194 K. Kiley CEQA review by CDFW     X
AB 3296 K. Kiley CEQA review by CDFW cost tracking     X
AB 2179 M. Levine Wildfire Mitigation plans     X
AB 409 M. Limón Agric. Climate change     X
AB 3085 M. Limón Housing in wildfire prone areas     X
AB 2612 B. Maienschein GHG recycling funding     X
AB 2607 D. Mathis Create Ombudsperson for CF&G Comm.     X
AB 1925 J Obernolte AB 5 changes     X
AB 2536 J Obernolte CEQA changes     X
AB 2468 J. Patterson Joint Applications for CFIP funding     X
AB 2632 J. Patterson Williamson Act payments     X
AB 3132 J. Patterson Extend life of 150-300 Ft. Exempt. X    
AB 933 C. Petrie-Norris Ecosystem Resiliency program     X
AB 2800 B. Quirk Fire Prevention SRA areas     X
AB 2954 R. Rivas Carbon Seq. Natural & working lands     X
AB 3504 R. Salas CEQA litigation     X
AB 3163 R. Salas Biogas     X
AB 3267 C. Smith Fire Suppression Assessments     X
AB 793 P. Ting Revision of biomass definition     X
AB 2553 P. Ting Landownership change re Exemptions     X
AB 19 M. Waldron Grant programs rd. vegetation     X
AB 2823 M. Waldron AB 5 legislation     X
AB 2518 J. Wood Voluntary Stream restoration liab. X    
AB 3011 J. Wood Very high hazard zones     X
California State Senate Bills          
SB 45 B. Allen Wildfire Bond Act     X
SB 1044 B. Allen Firefighting Chemicals     X
SB 1100 T. Atkins Coastal Zone sea level rise     X
SB 880 A. Borgeas Definition of Timber operations     X
SB 1248 A. Borgeas THP Exemptions     X
SB 515 A. Caballero PUC high hazard Zone fuel X    
SB 975 B. Dahle RPF, LTO exemption AB 5 X    
SB 989 B. Dahle Sierra Nevada Conservancy     X
SB 1011 B. Dahle Water Quality waste discharge     X
SB 1046 B. Dahle Calif. Endangered Species review     X
SB 1191 B. Dahle Organic waste reduction     X
SB 1296 M.E. Durazo Nature & Parks Jobs act     X
SB 68 C. Galgiani Treatment Hazardous Wood waste     X
SB 130 C. Galgiani Fire Prvention Grants     X
SB 1349 S. Glazer State Responsibility fees admin. changes     X
SB 1052 R. Hertzberg Municipal wastewater water quality     X
SB 1249 M. Hurtado State policy water quality     X
SB 182 H.B. Jackson Local Govt. wildfire planning     X
SB 950 H.B. Jackson CEQA review     X
SB 808 H. Mitchell Budget Act of 2020     X
SB 1208 W. Monning Take & possession of certain wildlife     X
SB 1372 W. Monning Study of wildlife corridors     X
SB 1429 W. Monning Wildlife Conservation Board membership     X
SB 535 J. Moorlach Greenhouse gases & wildfire X    
SB 226 J. Nielsen Watershed restoration grant program     X
SB 1154 J. Nielsen Fire prevention high haz. zones     X
SB 1359 S. Rubio Wildfire Risk & Insurance     X
SB 1323 N. Skinner Carbon Seq. Natural & working lands     X
SB 739 H. Stern Training for Defensible space work     X
SB 1258 H. Stern Climate change Financing     X
SB 1348 H. Stern Veg. management along rds X    
SB 168 R. Wieckowski Est. Chief Climate Resilience officer     X
SB 69 S. Weiner Ocean Resiliency Act     X

Track Bills by visiting http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov and use the Quick Bill Search function.

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Legislative Archives

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Appellate Decision on WFMP Case

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Good News -- Exemptions and NTMPs

CAL FIRE has reversed its policy change regarding the acceptance of exemptions for NTMPs. Please refer to the link below to view the letter from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Ken Pimlott) to the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection (Keith Gilless).

Should you have any questions, please send an email to the FLC Legislative Committee at legchair@forestlandowners.org.
Letter and Supporting Content from CAL FIRE to Board of Forestry

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Legislative Committee Assignments

Public Policy Institute of California

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) issued a report in mid-September on the status of forest health in the Headwaters Forests. On September 20, there was a panel debriefing on the report. Click on the links below to download the documents.

If you are interested in wathcing the panel debrief, the video is posted on the PPIC's website:

Agency and Advocacy Letters