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In January 2012, FLC introduced its “Campaign for Influence and Visibility: Sustainable Forest Management and Regulatory Common Sense.This active fundraising campaign includes outreach to members and stakeholders with a request to support FLC in its legislative advocacy and education programs to benefit small forest landowner members. We appreciate the past support of members and others; and we hope for renewed and new support for our important mission.

Since 1975, FLC has been the primary voice for non-industrial family-owned forests in California. The family nature of our membership enables us to speak from a unique and respected position in advocacy conversations about California forestry. We promote the important benefits of managed forests to policy makers, members of the public and to the environmental community.

We know that effectively managed forest lands make positive contributions to both California’s economy and the environment. Unfortunately, the small non-industrial landowner has been severely impacted by a burdensome and counterproductive regulatory system, which has directly contributed to a shrinking timber industry. We are working hard to tell policy makers and the public about the benefits that managed forestlands provide to all Californians. We are reaching out to our friends and stakeholders who have shared interests and asking for your assistance. With this support we can continue to amplify our collective and influential voices in Sacramento and increase the visibility of California’s excellent forest management.

Here are a few of our recent successes that benefit FLC members:

In order to continue the good work accomplished we are asking our stakeholders and associates to join us in our fundraising campaign for greater influence and visibility. Our goal is to raise $20,000. We have established a tiered value system that offers multiple opportunities for your contribution to be recognized.

Diamond -- $2,000+ Silver -- $200 - $499
Platinum -- $1,000 - $1,999 Bronze -- $100 - $199
Gold -- $500 - $999 Friends -- Up to $99

Your commitment will help position California’s small family forest landowners as a potent force in advocating for sustainable forest management and regulatory common sense in our Golden State. We are committed to your investment.

If you are interested in supporting FLC, please contact us at (877) 326-3778. Thank you in advance for supporting FLC.

We Appreciate the Generous Support from Our Contributors!

Sapphire ($5,000+)
This space reserved for you!

Diamond ($2,000 to $4,999)
This space reserved for you!

Platinum ($1,000 to $1,999)
Don & Judy Beaty
Gloria Cottrell

Gold ($500 to $999)
Frank Beidler IV
Val & Kati Parik

Silver ($200 to $499)
Robert Barnum
Bob Berlage
Peter Bradford
Larry & Connie Camp
Annette Cooley
Nan Deniston
Andrew Gere
Chuck Henderson
Chuck Henderson
Claire McAdams
Steve Miller
Cynthia Rees
Jack & Joe Russ
Eric Smith-Mohrhardt
Charll & Donna Stoneman
Todd Swickard
Charles Wagner
Ted Wyman

Bronze ($100 to $199)
Gary & Jan Anderson
Thomas Arens
Matt Babich
Jo Barrington
Fran Belden
Robert Benfield
Ron & Martha Berryman
Robert Browning
Donald Campbell
Linda Carruthers
Jim & Lana Chapin
Daniel & Cheryl Cohoon
Mary Colleti & E.B. Hanlein
Timothy Cookenboo
Nancy Craig
Steven & Valerie Dowty
Gilda Drinkwater
Jennie Dusheck
Bonnie Elliot
Terrence Finn
Ed Fountain
Ralph & Barbara Gaarde
Alicia Galliani
Russell Greenlaw
Walton & Barbara Haines
Donna Hall
Gard Hellenthal
Tim Holliday
Larry & Geri Hyder
Jerry Jensen
Walter Johansen
Craig Kincaid
Heide Kingsbury
Ken Kirtley
Denise & Steven Levine
John & Claudia Lima
Tom & Jan Linville
Daniel 7 Marian Lucero
Elizabeth Marshall Maybee
Carol Michener
John & Cynthia Miles
Phil Noia
David Olson
L. Robert Prather
Pete Pulis
Stephanie Rico
Steve & Liz Schlafer
Francis Schutz
Greg & Vicki Shandel
Ed Stewart
Frank Teiche
Jeff & Patti Tienken
Gay Toroni
Larry Tunzi
Steven Vanderhorst
Susan Walsh
Kay White
John & Laura Williams
John & Linda Wilson
Richard Wortley

Friends (Up to $99)
James Able
Dennis & June Bebensee
Matt Greene
Ron & Sharon Harston
Ron & Nancy Knaus
Dustin & Danielle Lindler
Kelli Mathia
Fred Nelson
Dennis Possehn
Richard & Kathleen Schoenheide
Anthony Sorace