Coast Redwood Science Symposium | 2016 Proceedings

Click here for interesting information including two articles on bear damage, starting on page 326.

Tree Mortality Task Force Updates

Visit the website for meeting notices, reports and access to other resources.

Drought Information

From the California Drought website you can view archived drought reports and other information.

On April 17, 2017, Governor Brown ended the drought state of emergency in most of California, while maintaining water reporting requirements and prohibitions on wasteful practices, such as watering during or right after rainfall.

Save Our Water

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Save Our Water

Pest Conditions Report

The Forest Pest Conditions Reports are publications of the California Forest Pest Council.

The reports date back to 1960, and they can be found here:

Pest Conditions Reports

2018 Forest Health Initiative

The California Forestry Association (Calforests) created a list of proposals that could restore forest health. Click on the link below to access their proposals and to download the full publication.

More Information

Fire on the Mountain: Rethinking the Forest Management in the Sierra Nevada

In this report, the Little Hoover Commission calls for transformational culture change in its forest management practices, including nine recommendations. More information, including the link to download the full report is located here:

Fire on the Mountain