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With the extremely low rainfall this past winter

Posted by admin at 11:51 AM on Jun 16, 2022


With the extremely low rainfall this past winter, what would be your recommendation for the best way to protect our forest from fire?

If your property is not adequately protected from fire by now, it is likely too late to do anything this year.  Your best bet now is to provide a safe access for fire-fighters by mulching brush along the roads accessing the property. Without a safe access, fire-fighters will not enter for fear of being trapped by fire. You may need to also enlist neighboring landowners to provide the access needed, so now is the time to coordinated neighbors in this effort. Do NOT pile and burn the brush as it may not be properly burned in time for fire season, which is fast approaching.

Next, assess a plan to do more fire protection on the property starting as soon as fire season ends. The effort put into protection can pay huge dividends in the end. Be sure to provide a map of your work to the local fire agencies.