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Fire and the Summer Season

Posted by admin at 4:40 PM on Mar 25, 2021


When working in the forest during the summer season, what precautions should one take to prevent fire?

A)    Using any internal combustion tools during the summer months can increase the risk of unintentional wildfires. In addition, the following should be observed.

  1. One should always keep current on forest closures by calling CALFIRE or the local US Forest Service office.
  2. Work in the mornings when the temperatures are lower and the humidity is higher.
  3. Have fire tools such as an axe, shovel, backpack pump or mcleod nearby.
  4. Have spark arrestors checked to ensure they are working properly.
  5. Be especially cautious when filling gas tanks.
  6. Carry a cell phone at all times.
  7. Do not travel off-road with your vehicle.