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Where can I get the most “bang for my buck” in the Fall time of year?

Posted by admin at 3:01 PM on Sep 4, 2022


By now, you should “know the drill.” To prepare for fire season, some work needs to be done nearly every year. Mother Nature never takes a day off, so there is always new brush growth, fallen limbs and emerging tree seedlings to provide enough fuel for wildfire. Hopefully, your summer has been spent reviewing your fuel management zones and taking notes on project work that is needed.

First, review your access route to the nearest highway or well-used public road.
Next, ensure that your local wildland fire agency is aware of your efforts and will readily respond to any fires within your ownership. If they suspect that an access road may be overgrown with brush or other fuels, they may not enter for fear of being trapped by fire. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE with the agencies and neighbors.

Once the fall rains make burning safe, burn the piles.

Each year we lose valuable timberlands and homes to wildfire. Don’t be a statistic!